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Alexander and the Racing Hares
Barn Tye Studios
Linoprints, Oil painting and Charcoal drawing

Painter, Printmaker and Illustrator

As an artist, I try to capture "that" moment in time that makes your heart jump. The light in the trees. The weather. The pleasure of timeless British holidays by the sea. North Norfolk and its nature reserves. The way home. The wild birds and everything around me that pleases.

I hope you enjoy browsing the images on my Gallery page. The Fine Art and Contemporary Gallery information can be found under "News"

I am a member and Treasurer of The Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA). The SWLA is one of the art societies represented by the Federation of British Artists (FBA), The Mall Galleries, London.

Max Angus SWLA
Painter and Printmaker

2007 Birds Illustrated Printmaking Award
2008 St Cuthbert Paper Mill Award
2014 Dry Red Press Award

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