Studio to be replaced

After nearly 20 years it is time for a new studio. When the studio, a wooden workshop in the garden was set up twenty years ago, I had an easel, a table and some shelves. A mangle converted in to an etching press soon appeared. Followed by some recycling of office furniture. Then Hettie the Albion Press appeared. The thoughts at the time were the half ton weight of 'Hettie' and the size could sink the foundations of the studio. A bigger studio was needed.

The decision was taken if 'Hettie' sank the studio, the new studio would have to be built to cope with the additional weight. The furniture was moved to provide a space. Using an engine lift the dismantled 'Hettie' was placed in the corner the nearest to the door. A large piece of ply and a pallet were placed under 'Hettie' to distribute the weight and raise the height of the press.

The time has come. The replacement studio is due very soon. It took weeks unpacking the studio. Then the big work started!

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