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 Painter & Printmaker 

Linocut prints, wood engraving & paintings

Creating hand printed small edition linocut original prints using an Albion Press. A few wood engravings, charcoal drawings and more recently acrylic and oil paintings escape from the studio from time to time.

Exhibitions 2024 

The Society of Wildlife Artists  exhibition,

Mall Galleries, London

17th to 26th October 2024

SWLA 60th.jpg

Latest image

'Chasing the tide'

 Leaving the studio soon. The 4 Block Linocut 'Chasing the  tide'  will soon be sent out to the galleries. Please see gallery page and order ahead.


Exhibitions & Galleries

Past exhibitions in London include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Discerning Eye and The Natural Eye exhibition by The Society of Wildlife Artists.

Throughout the year, the artwork can be found in friendly independent galleries from Kent to the North Norfolk coast. 


An elected member of The Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA). The SWLA is one of the art societies represented by the Federation of British Artists (FBA), Mall Galleries, London.

Much of my inspiration is from just being outside in the countryside and watching the weather and wildlife. The North Norfolk coast and the salt marshes feature in many of the artworks as does the coastal footpaths of East Kent. 

Max Angus SWLA

Printmaking studio

Slow printmaking

Starting with sketches and ideas transferred to a lino block. A master linocut block image is cut away and transferred to other blocks. 

The only machinery used to make the linocut prints is an 1859 Albion Press. Keeping traditional printmaking an art form in times of mass production. 

Catalogue of Artwork

Limited edition linocuts are low numbers as each colour is mixed by hand. Using hand rollers the ink is rolled on to the plate or block and applied to the paperThe Albion Press is used to apply the pressure to transfer the ink to the paper. 


Linocuts printed on St Cuthbert Mill's Somerset paper.  

Bearded Tit


Just a few online...

Limited Edition Linocuts, Woodcuts, Wood engravings, Serigraphs hand printed original prints &

Greeting Cards

Black Winged Stilts linocut


Original Print Catalogue

Back Catalogue of original prints  

Albion Press



The journey and publications

Walking the shoreline painting


Paintings catalogue

A back catalogue of some of the acrylic and oil paintings

Touching the Coastline
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